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Not A Hero, Viet Nam Photo Gallery - Page 1

Welcome to our photo gallery. We've collected some of the best photos of Ron's tour in Viet Nam. Each photo is a smaller thumbnail of a larger photo. Simply click on the smaller photo in order to view the larger version. Please note that some of these photographs are quite large and may download slowly.

Captured guns: AK-47 rifle, German rifle, B-40 rockets.

River Division 571 boat patroling canal near Ap Bac.

Patrol boats and sleeping quarters at base on Vinh Te Canal taken from gun tower.

River Division 571 boat on river near Tuyen Nhon.

Medical Civic Action Project at Ap Bac.

Damage to Ericıs boat from deflected B-40 rocket.

River Division 571 boats at base on Vinh Te Canal taken from gun tower.

300 foot long ship sunk with our ³lost² mine.

Helicopter landing pad and ammo bunker for Vinh Te base.


Picking up (VPF) troops after ground search in Rung Sat Special Zone.


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