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Excerpts from "Not A Hero" by Ron Fitts, LT.

Click on the links below to read the full excerpt. The quotes below are just enough to show you what each excerpt is about:

  • Read the full excerpt from the Forward

    "I have learned that some people desire power, control and or money so much that having tens of thousands of people killed and wounded is of little consequence to them."

  • Read the full excerpt from Chapter One: AP Bac

    "We had been patrolling and setting up night ambushes along a canal that was running close to the Cambodian border for about a month and a half. We were learning about setting up ambushes by the trial and error method. One of our patrol officers usually got stuck with day patrols riding the slow heavy easy targets of the Mobile Riverine Force. Those boats usually pulled a heavy wire cable with a sharp hook attached to it. This was to cut any wires that might be attached to mines in the canal. These boats were only able to go about eight or nine knots and were not very maneuverable."

  • Read the full excerpt from Chapter Seven: Daily Patrols

    "Our boats were thirty-one feet long and were made out of thin fiberglass so that they would be more lightweight. We had two 220 horsepower engines that could pump out as much as 1000 gallons of water per minute from each engine. This water was shot out in a rooster tail about seventy five feet in length. To throw the boat in reverse all you had to do was drop a deflector shield down to deflect the stream of water under the boat. The boat could turn 180 degrees in its own length, if every one was holding on tightly and all the guns and ammunition were properly secured. It could also make a 90-degree turn so quickly that the bow has now turned 90 degrees, but the momentum is still carrying you forward. At top speed of thirty knots the boat would hydroplane and only about the back one half of the hull would be in the water."

  • Read the full excerpt from Chapter Nine: Lackadaisical Attitude

    "When we were patrolling the Vinh Te Canal, our main base was a barge that had about three stories of sleeping quarters built on it, as well as a flight deck for helicopters on top. We got to come back to this barge about every two weeks for about three days. Since this barge was a Navy vessel, there was no alcohol allowed on it. But a much smaller navy barge was pulled up beside the sleeping barge and a metal shed was built on it. This barge was declared not a Navy vessel; therefore alcohol could be consumed on it. A wooden ramp was constructed to get to it. The shed became a bar room."

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