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About Ron
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I am not a hero and did not try to be one. I led 220 river boat patrols and brought every man back safely, with Godís help. I would not initiate a gunfight unless I thought we could destroy or capture all of the enemy. I was not interested in possibly getting half my crew killed or wounded in order to kill a few.

Being part of a war isnít glamorous like it appears in the movies. The tragedies of death, injury, destruction, danger, loneliness, and broken hearts are real. As soldiers and sailors we did our jobs, but we are different, because we have killed others and shot at others with the intent to kill. Thousands of us needed help in order to become proper citizens and recover from battle stress fatigue.

In this book, I describe what happened to me and things I experienced in the navy. Many of you will identify with some of the dangers that I experienced.

I received the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation medals, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star, Vietnam Campaign medal with three bronze stars, and unit citations.

Ron is in Real Estate sales in Norwich, CT. Ron served as pastor of Oakdale Baptist Church in Oakdale, Connecticut and has served as pastor or assistant pastor for 11 years in Louisiana and California. Married for over 30 years, he has two children and five grandchildren. Ron is a graduate of Mississippi State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to his marriage, he served two tours of duty in Vietnam.

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